After nearly two years gone, we are back from our hiatus. As you may have read on the first page - we lost the co-founding member to our team last October. In the same year we also lost two members, who moved to different cities. For the last several months the remaining team has been trying to decide what we should do with our little society. 2010 -2011 was incredibly exciting for this group. We conducted some amazing investigations and gathered wonderful data during our analysis. Despite suffering loss in our team, we have decided that the show must go and and WIPS should stay the course of helping those in need. WIPS is now accepting new members to the group. We are currently only looking for female investigators, trying to stay true to the ideas this society was built on. If you are interested in learning more about our team, our practices and our investigation schedule, please contact us using the CONTACT page or emailing
In addition to looking for new members, this summer we will also be posting our last investigation with Char. This has been a long time coming, and a great investigation, but an emotional decision for our team. We hope that you will find our investigation interesting and continue your support of our group.

More to come in the next few week!


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