We are so incredibly excited and great-full for another investigation tonight. I have faith that everything will go perfectly. I hope that we'll have some of the information up this week!

Eden Cemetery stuff is taking a long time to post because we're conducting the website in several parts. We're continuing to add research every week and this is making it a little difficult for us to post our reports as they are continuing to change weekly. Our audio software is finally working and we're hoping to post some sounds this week once we get it cut and bookmarked.

As always, thanks for the support!


Oh my goddess we have had a busy week. Thanks to everyone who have e-mailed us questions about the team and our services. We really appreciate the support. Just an FYI to those reading. We are not actively looking for new members however we are keeping applications on file because we will have spots open in the future (we anticipate) so feel free to e-mail us with your interests in the group.

Also please don't hesitate to ask us about conducting an investigation for you. We are available to anyone who needs our help. While it may not be an immediate response, as we answer requests in the order we receive them, we'll do our best to investigate any reported activity in a timely manner.

Thanks again, everyone!

Blessed be

Good evening, Readers

We have been very busy bees this week. We're gearing up for part two of our investigation of Eden Cemetery. We've been working hard to gather as much information as we can of the area and the cemetery itself. This has proven to be quite difficult since the "town" is not recognized by the Federal Government. It's an unincorporated area. This causes research to be slow moving. We're planning to complete two thorough walk-through's of the site, one in the day and one at night. Hopefully this time we will have more evidence to show you :). The first investigation's report has not been completed but it is almost there. We hope to have it posted before the week is out.

Also, be sure to register on our forum and post. We love to talk to people with similar interests!!

Be safe on this Cinco de Mayo!


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We are going to have a second investigation posted very soon. Eventually we'll post audio and video clips that we have.  Please check back for updates!

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